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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

IndoDefence 2008

Look Ma, I Have A Gun!
Holding the SS2, Indonesia's latest main combat rifle made by Pindad.

IndoDefense 2008 is Indonesia's premiere weapons and defense exhibition, held once every two years by Napindo. I went to the last one in 2006, and may I say that the 2008 event was way better than I expect (seeing that the IndoDefense 2006 didn't please me much).
Held at the Airforce's Halim Perdanakusuma Airport, this year's event had airshows and proper vehicle demostrations. Its 3 times better and bigger than the last event held in Kemayoran. The main theme is also about local defense, vehicle and weapons manufacturers.
I arrived on the 2nd day of the show which was opened to guests and industry professionals. Being located in an airforce base, I had to pass several checkpoints. Some are polite, one is annoying (probably because unlike the others, he works alone and in no shades). I got through and registered.
My entrance to the exhibition grounds was welcomed by an F16B rushing just above me. That is just so cool. Unfortunately it was their final pass, so the next thing I know it was landing. Wished I could've enjoyed it more.

CN235-220 MPA Surveilance & Control
CN235-220MPA (Maritime Patrol Aircraft) made by PTDI

The CN235-220 MPA caught my eye as I walked into the runway. Its PTDI's latest variant of their CN235 aircraft, this one made for maritime surveilance, the first in Asia. Armed with Thales radar, Buble obeservation windows, FLIR (forward looking infra-red), and a high resolution video and topographic camera. These will be operated by the Navy in 2010, replacing the old CN212.

Next are the NBO150 attack hellicopters and the Huey Bell412, both retrofitted since both toys are made in the 70s. Able to carry heftier payloads and re-armored with twaron, no avionics nor sensing capabilites are upgraded. Just stronger engines, tougher resistance and more guns.

TNI AD's NBO105 Retrofit Bell Huey 412 Retrofit
Rocket's Point of View

On show also outside were two APS6x6 APC tanks, both manufactured by PT.Pindad and electronically enhanced by PT.LEN. Shown were the Army's and UN version. There were also noteable vehicles made by local manufacturers, but the APS6x6 is the show stealer. Even the Renault's star, the mighty Sherpa A3 wasn't getting that much attention.

APS 6x6 Panser APS 6x6 Panser : UN Edition

Other impressive feats were the airforce research lab's UAV and Lapan's rockets. Pindad also brought a full size mockup of their future 6x6 light tank. The exhibition was followed by several Asian and European countries. I'm really hoping to see the next one in 2010.

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