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Thursday, October 30, 2003

A weird, yet fun day

Maya called me today and asked if I'd join her for a movie at TIM after lunch. Although I had much to be done at the office, I eventually crumbled and agreed to accompany her. After buying tickets, we had lunch nearby. She was talking funny, as if she wanted to say or tell me something about, but then changed her mind, then wanted to again, but changed her mind.

After the movie, we went book hunting.We went to this traditional little bookstore in Cikini. It's an interesting store, they sell old books, new books, magazine, vintage LPs, classic Indo VCDs (Benyamin, Jojon, etc. Even found G30s PKI movie that TVRI no longor shows on September 30th). They sell T-Shirts made by design students at nearby Jakarta Arts Institute (IKJ). If you have time, check it out.

Upon the old books I sift through, I found this old screen play for the classic Indonesian Movie "Janur Kuning: Merdeka Tanahku, Merdeka Negeriku". It's a bit worn out, but nothing a lamination cover won't heal. Has that old book stink, but it'll make a good birthday present for Indra (Maya's brother). He's a movie buff, so he'll love this, and the best thing is, it only cost me about $5. Yes, I'm a cheapskate, hehehehe :)

Sunday, October 19, 2003

Old acquaintance

I was at Plasa Senayan this evening for lunch and that Oakley sun glasses I've been wanting since August. Surprise-surprise, I met an old friend of mine from Junior school: Ulya. She said she was shopping with her mom, and we talked a bit before exchanging phone numbers and went our sperate ways.

I've known Ulya since we were 6, but we weren't that close. She was the star pupil at my school, and I always thought she would grow up someday to be a rocket scientist. Sad to say that she became an accountant like most people I knew.

We got to know each other well when we were in the Scouts during 8th grade (SMP kelas 2) where we met up at the Jamboree (we were diffrent schools), then met up again when I joined Paskibraka, where we were coupled as a team during hell week (TC).

I remember one of our task at hell week was to wonder Jakarta in search of an address. We each had our own, the rule is I have to accompany her first to find her address which turned out to be in Depok. I had to take her there first before I could do mine. I told her that I could do it alone, but she insisted that she wanted to come and helped me. The places were way apart that we ended up finished at 1AM, and when I took her home, I remembered her aunt yelling at me for bringing her home so late (she was living with her aunt at that time). I havent seen her since highschool I guess. Good times.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

A long workout, A great sandwich, New Shoes

I went to the gym last Thursday. As usual, Maya tagged along since we do go to the same Gym at the ExPlasa. I had a really good workout, spent a solid 30 minutes on the treadmill and 2 hours on the running bike (I don't know what you call it, you run but your running is like pedaling... beats me), and 20 minutes on the fitness mat. I was tired. Maya greciously offered to give me a massage (that's not like her, but I'lll take anything).

After gym, I noticed that one of my shoe's sole is breaking up. Luckly the mall is just below, and luckly I had maya around with her infinite information of shops with "SALE" signs at malls. She took me to sport station that actually is having a 60% off sale. I bought a pair of Reebok shoes for $30. Yay!

Well, to thank Maya for her infinite wisdom of finding me great bargains, I treat her for a nice sandwich at O'Brian's sandwich hut. It's fat free, but that picture of Gissele Bundchen makes you want to eat more... Cheers.