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Sunday, September 19, 2004

Lamaran Day

Ok, I've proposed marriage to Rika like a few months ago, its time to make it official. This is the Lamaran day or engagement day. Its meet the parents in a not Ben Stiller kinda way. It is custom that when you get engaged, you let the world know, or at least your closest friends and relatives. And today was it.

With a posse of my closest friends and family, we arrived at Rika's home this morning, bearing gifts for the family. We sat around the living room and then the reception started.

I was represented by my father's brother: Pak'De Wadji, in explaining our means by coming there, and was accepted by Rika's family Qur'an teacher (an Ustad). After reaching an aggrement on the engagement, Rika stepped into the room and joined us. She never looked so beautiful.
I placed an engagement ring on her finger, and after that was a small feast in honor of our engagement. A simple procedure, but it actually made me nervous for the past 3 days. We had fun that day, and I got engaged...

wow, I'm actually engaged.

Friday, September 03, 2004

Setting Up for Toyota

I've been working on an Interactive game for Toyota since last month with the help of a few friends including Acho. We worked together with an event organizer for this project. Its a hush-hush project that involves launching Toyota's latest Kijang installment, the Innova. Right now I'm setting up the projectors and checking the software's compability with it. Cross your fingers.