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Sunday, January 26, 2003

Dinner at Hanamasa

After resigning from my office this morning, I decided that I would treat my two best friends: Iyus and Edo at Hanamasa in BlokM. Edo was the former captain of my Paskibra squad, and Iyus is my friend in both Paskibra and Paskibraka. The three of us suffered the same hardship together back then, good friends in time of need and happyness.
I'm treating them today because I was offered an Art Director position at Ogilvy last week, and they are so wiling to have me on-board that they are offering to triple my current salary at Lintas. :D
The other reason is that I haven't seen these two in a while. Edo is still studying to become a fisherman at IPB, and Iyus is now busy hosting an infotainment program at RCTI. Yeah, I miss hanging around with these two.

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

I do miss her..

Yeah, I gotta admit. I do miss her.

Can you blame me? I mean, I thought she was the love of my life. We had the same taste in everything, from culture, music, to movies and books. Love the same foods, even have the same tenacity and devotion towards each of our own careers. It was like I found my soulmate. The month she left was the month that I had planned to ask her to marry me.

Well, her love for her work seems to outweigh her love for me. She left me for her dream of working in New York. It's not something I can protest to (we're not married or anything) and I probably would do the same if I was in her shoes. Oh god I miss her...

Wednesday, January 01, 2003

New Year at the Embassy

I met three girls whom I don't remember their names right outside Hard Rock Cafe. Two of them was Japanese, and one was a Malaysian. I think they were from an Asian student association club or something.

We ended up going to this new club (not so new, but its my first time here) since one of them had a VIP invitation, and had an awesome party there. Somehow, our posse just got bigger, we ended up with 7 or 9 people that hung together until new year. As they say, the more the merrier, and of course the more pitchers.

The music was great, the DJ was awesome, the dancers was fresh, and the crowd was loud. A perfect new year party. The count down to midnight was as I expect from this club. I had a really great time.

But with all this commotion, fun and laughter, I never felt so alone. This is my first new year as a single after... I don't know, 2 years? The thing is, although I had fun, I just felt that this life isn't for me anymore. Don't get me wrong, I'm not turning into a monk overnight, and not like I'm going to marry anyone any time soon, but I do feel like I need a new change in life. I just don't feel the bachelor freedom I once did. I think that would be my new year resolution.

Oh yeag, almost forgot. Happy New Year Everyone. This is the start of my new blog also.