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Sunday, January 26, 2003

Dinner at Hanamasa

After resigning from my office this morning, I decided that I would treat my two best friends: Iyus and Edo at Hanamasa in BlokM. Edo was the former captain of my Paskibra squad, and Iyus is my friend in both Paskibra and Paskibraka. The three of us suffered the same hardship together back then, good friends in time of need and happyness.
I'm treating them today because I was offered an Art Director position at Ogilvy last week, and they are so wiling to have me on-board that they are offering to triple my current salary at Lintas. :D
The other reason is that I haven't seen these two in a while. Edo is still studying to become a fisherman at IPB, and Iyus is now busy hosting an infotainment program at RCTI. Yeah, I miss hanging around with these two.

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