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Saturday, March 13, 2004

So so tired

Through the whole fiasco, I didn't go to work today. Actually I haven't slept either last night.

You see, although Riska was in the accident, Arief was the one who went to the hospital. That stubborn headed mule kept saying "NO" when I wanted to take him to the hospital, and today after I got Riska's car to the garage, he collapsed. We took him to OMC, seems his blood pressure was way below and he's got Vertigo...(soo Hitchcock). anyway, I ended up taking care of Riska's insurance claims, and driving her to pick up his things (she's still in shock from the crash). Look at the bags on my eyes... so tired. Nevertheless, I promissed that I would take over my friend's class at IKJ for a day, and I did that. After this I'm going home and taking a nap for a week.

Picture shot during Maghrib prayer at IKJ Mosque.

Friday, March 12, 2004

Car Crash... domino style

After subuh prayer and reading the Qur'an (not perfect reading, but I try), I received a phone call from Arief; Riska is in a car accident.

I put on some clean pants and shirt and rushed out to get Arief from his apartment. The guy's been feeling under the wheather lately. Once I got him into the car, we set off to pick up Riska.

It seems a taxi cab suddenly stopped causing a domino collision to 7 cars, Riska's car was the fourth on the line. Arief drove Riska home while I took Riska's car to the garage. Took pictures of the car, including Riska's grief over the car.

Poor kid, well at least she's getting her car back in a week.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

She said Yes

I'm still speechless, all I know is that this is a very happy day for me. I love you all!