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Friday, January 16, 2004

First Date?

I'm not going to sit around and think about "what could be" nor be sorry for myself. Yeah, I had that "moment" in my car during Jakarta's traffic jam yesterday. Thinking too much will kill you they said.

I grabbed my trusty (oh, so need a new phone right now) Nokia 5110 and called Rika. Yup, that girl I met last week at the movies. I charmed her into having coffee with me after work, and maybe catch a movie afterwards. She said yes (I still got it), which was enough to pace my heart like Indy 500.

After I hung up, I kinda thought to myself: "I hope this is not my sub concious looking for a rebound. Coz, I really like this girl. Well, we'll just let time see.

I picked her up at her office after 5 and took her to the Gading Mall. We had coffee at the Dome and chatted a bit. I was a bit tired after a long meeting that afternoon, so I kinda stick to the humor and asking stuff about her. Not too much hard talk stuff. We had some laughs and I do find her interesting. We didn't catch a movie that night, but I did drove her home.

All I can say is that I had a great time.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Stab to the heart...

I was visiting Riska's place to plan her wedding with Arief last night. But then we had to get some medicines for her mother, so we went to the Patra hospital nearby to get the prescriptions filled by the hospital's pharmacy. It was there that we accidently bumped to Ulya's mom and dad. We chit-chatted a bit, but just before she left, she said the words that would rip my heart apart: "Chandra, don't forget to come to Ulya's wedding this May ok."

Oh my god. All this time she was engaged and she didn't tell me...

We've been in touch with each other, for what now... this hurts, even though nothing happened I was actually falling in love with this girl. I should've asked her straight on if she had a boyfriend or not and got a clear answer, she never did answer me. I gues her mother did that for her.

Part of me wanted to tell her mom and dad about us, but that would be stupid. That would cause much pain I guess, so I just took it like a man. I just stood there while Riska tried to comfort me. She knews about me liking her, but that didn't help.

I'm going home now.

Monday, January 12, 2004

Ratna Call Home!!

Ratna trying to to call her sister at home. It seems that she left her keys at home, and since we left the theater at 23.30, she needs to wake her sister up. Kids, don't leave your keys at home.

Rika Andriyani

This is Rika, a bit photo shy. Rika is Riska's friend from her traditional dance class. The thing is, although Riska introduced me to Rika, I've actually known her when she was just still in Junior high (9th grade) at PS 216, I was the drill instructor for the district's Paskibra.

If I'm not mistaken, she used to be Daus's (an old friend) girlfriend back then. I was like in 12 grade that time. It's a small world.

Oh yeah, she grew up nice. I think she's cute.


Rina's wedding

Last night I went to Rina's (a.k.a Smack Down Girl) wedding yesterday. Met a lot of friends from school, pengajian, work and Abnon. I was planning to go alone, but Maya called and asked if she could be my date to the wedding. Good thing Indra and his 5 months pregnant wife Nina came along, he even offred to drive :D, coz I was still in "not yet slept mode" this week.

The wedding party was over crowded. There were sooo many people. The buffet was full of people, and these two plates was what we could get for the four of us. Met Iyus here also, but she dissapeared somewhere in the crowd. I also met Hiras, a co worker back in Indo.com days.

At least we had lots of laughs... We need to go to a nice restaurant after this.

Rina and Robby, best wishes to you guys!

Friday, January 09, 2004

In memory of my Opa

Last night, Jasper J van der Klooster died of a heart attack. Jasper is a distant family, and I considered him to be my Opa. When I was living in Utrecht, he and his wife Nanja took me in and helped a lot during my stay. Jasper van der Klooster is the former director of MBA at Hogeschool van Utrecht and representative of KLM to Indonesia. I tried to get a visa to leave for Holland, but I fear it'll be too late to attend the funeral. Jasper's wife Nanja died 3 month before him. They will be missed.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

...what a day

That has got to be the..... it wasn't excellent, but it wasn't bad. I don't know what it was? The clients had some hoos and haaas over the product. We did good, forget to change some hard coded material, but it went well. Actually me and Arief are too sleepy and tired to care. We're just happy we won the contract.

Sunday, January 04, 2004

Office with a pool

We moved in to our temporary office at Arief's un-used apartment in Kelapa Gading. Our building will be ready in May this year. The best thing about this, is the pool area. Yup, we can go swimming as much as we like, its just the best way to get rid of stress. This is a good thing as the three of us are great swimmers (the other 2 grunts however can't swim, so they hate the pool).

As you can see, Aher and I are always ready in our business attire. Ready to plunge at any moment's notice. Just had to make a few phonecalls first.

Last one in the pool is a rotten egg!!

Mobile Receptionist

Since 2 days ago, I began carrying 2 cellphones. I've reached the point of my life where I need two phones. I get about more or less 10 - 30 calls a day, and people complain when they can't reach me, especially clients. Oh my god, have I become a technology drone??? Am I now a corporate machine??? Nooooo.......!!!