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Monday, January 12, 2004

Rina's wedding

Last night I went to Rina's (a.k.a Smack Down Girl) wedding yesterday. Met a lot of friends from school, pengajian, work and Abnon. I was planning to go alone, but Maya called and asked if she could be my date to the wedding. Good thing Indra and his 5 months pregnant wife Nina came along, he even offred to drive :D, coz I was still in "not yet slept mode" this week.

The wedding party was over crowded. There were sooo many people. The buffet was full of people, and these two plates was what we could get for the four of us. Met Iyus here also, but she dissapeared somewhere in the crowd. I also met Hiras, a co worker back in Indo.com days.

At least we had lots of laughs... We need to go to a nice restaurant after this.

Rina and Robby, best wishes to you guys!

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