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Sunday, April 25, 2004

Keep on swimming

Gotta keep in shape. While the other grunts work coding the software, me and Aher took a swim at the apartment's pool. It's the benefit of having an office at an apartment complex. Aher's looking a bit confused, I think he lost his pants in the pool...


Monday, April 05, 2004

Dude, get a phone

This is my friend Wendy, currently in charge of Musica Plus. Wendy now is also the head of IndoWerks, you know, that company that went boom and then went sour in just under a year (multimedia factory my ass). Well, now Wendy is incharge of the company, basicly he just maintain the rest of the "werks" family's sites and data farm. Anyway, nowadays his baby is Musica Plus, a place where you can download your favorite musica artist songs for your mobile ring tone...

Wendy might be in the Mobile Ringtone business, but he doesn't own a cell phone. He claims that the phone's radiation messes with his brain function... WHaaaaaaaaat? Are you like serious?