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Friday, November 21, 2003

The Jakarta Jam

Oh, this would be a night people in Jakarta will be talking about for a while. An ice breaker, a topic, it's just something people won't forget anytime soon. If you have been reading my moblogs, you'd know that traffic jam is a big deal for me, I hate em! and today is the mother of all Jams. Cars all over Jakarta are in traffic jams. It rained since 17.00 today and didn't stop until around 23.00, so after the nice get together at Sederhana, I was stuck in traffic on the way home, and get this: For 5 hours!!! the main cause, some streets are flooded with water. It was all over the radio, everybody around Jakarta are stuck in traffic. It was a good thing I was driving the BMW today, the automatic transmission at least eased my suffering. I think we should change or recall the Governor.

Unexpected reunion

Ok, after being alone for almost a year now, I think I'm ready to start a new relationship. The thing is I don't know where to start. So I was thinking, maybe a good muslim girl would be a great choice.

Last month I wrote about and old friend I met, well since then, I've been in touch with her a lot, and I thought to myself: "She's a nice girl, why not?". I did asked a few times... well kinda sneaked in actually, trying to find out if she had a boyfriend or not (you know me, I like them single and unattached). The thing is she never replied with a straight answer, its more on the "I'm single", so I decided to go ahead.

Wow, that was a long intro. Anyway, I called her up and asked if she would like to break the fast with me this evening. She said she'd love to, and asked to meet at this Padang restaurant in Menteng. I agreed.

When I got there, I was surprised. There was a reunion going on, its friends from her Junior highschool. Good thing I know all of the people there, but it was just unexpected. Oh well, might as well enjoy it.