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Thursday, October 30, 2003

A weird, yet fun day

Maya called me today and asked if I'd join her for a movie at TIM after lunch. Although I had much to be done at the office, I eventually crumbled and agreed to accompany her. After buying tickets, we had lunch nearby. She was talking funny, as if she wanted to say or tell me something about, but then changed her mind, then wanted to again, but changed her mind.

After the movie, we went book hunting.We went to this traditional little bookstore in Cikini. It's an interesting store, they sell old books, new books, magazine, vintage LPs, classic Indo VCDs (Benyamin, Jojon, etc. Even found G30s PKI movie that TVRI no longor shows on September 30th). They sell T-Shirts made by design students at nearby Jakarta Arts Institute (IKJ). If you have time, check it out.

Upon the old books I sift through, I found this old screen play for the classic Indonesian Movie "Janur Kuning: Merdeka Tanahku, Merdeka Negeriku". It's a bit worn out, but nothing a lamination cover won't heal. Has that old book stink, but it'll make a good birthday present for Indra (Maya's brother). He's a movie buff, so he'll love this, and the best thing is, it only cost me about $5. Yes, I'm a cheapskate, hehehehe :)