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Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Trio Jomblo

These are my distant cousins: Astrid and Rifa. Since we came from a decendance of a Javanese Nobleman, we do have a family Clan that is very-very big. A family reunion would need a building that would fit over 3000 people, and those are just the families that keep in touch.
Ok, these two are my closest friends at family reunions, since the three of us are at similar age groups. We hang out together for one main reason, so that we can avoid people catching one of us alone and asking: "So, when are you going to get married??"
Yup, the three of us are "Jomblo", the Indonesian term for those whom are single. So we are very sought after in family gatherings and reunions, since most of them want to match us up with their friends or other cousins.
One of the bad thing about this is that Astrid mom recently told my mother how well we got along together... Aww shit, I think they're going to try and match us together. I think I need to find Astrid a date soon. Either that or I should stop coming to the family gatherings for a while.