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Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Playing Match-Maker

Remember when I told you that my aunt was trying to fix-me-up with my distant cousin Astrid?? Well, I gotta do something about it. Not that Astrid isn't beautiful, but she's my cousin yo. We may be distant cousins, but I don't think I'm the "keep it in the family" kinda guy. So I had to think fast.
I decided to fix-up a date between my cousin Astrid and my friend and business partner Aher. But for some reason, Astrid wanted Rifa to come along, and Aher wanted me to come along. What??!?!??
So, we met up at Kelapa Gading Mall for dinner and a movie. I stayed as much away from Astrid and Aher as much as possible, that means doing things with Rifa like going to the Time Zone arcade with her, buying ice creams, etc, so those two would have some privacy.
How will it turn out? Who knows.

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