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Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Between me and Yuslihayanti

A lot of people say that we're perfect for each other. Each time someone says that, we both laugh out loud. There's no way that that would be possible, for we know each other too well. Besides, so what if I have a girl for a bestfriend. I've known her for like almost 13 years now, so we know each other's bad sides.

Besides, why ruin a good friendship. I don't want to go out and find another friend that I can trust just to tell about my intimate stories with.

So lets make this clear for all of you reading my blog: Iyus and I are not dating, we're good friends.

If we end up together, it would be like beauty and the beast, what will the world say. I don't think her adoring fans would like that either, hehehehehe.
Anyway, we're happy being just friends.