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Saturday, September 13, 2003

Do I look like Siti Nurbaya?

First, I apologise for the extremely blurry picture, I had to make it so since there is just way too much info there. Second, let me tell you a brief story about Siti Nubaya. It tells the story of a girl who was wed outside her will by her parent's match makings. To know the ending of this story, get the book! The thing is, since my brother got married 2 years ago, my parents, and other relatives have been trying to set me up with some other girl, even the ones from outside Jakarta... everyone keeps asking that same stupid question:

"when are you gonna get married?"

I recently received this letter in the mail from my cousin, where the content was a less than one sentece word and two pictures of this girl he wants me to meet, to top it off, he wrote the letter like something official.

Jeeezzzz..... somebody help me! Pleaseeeee stop doing this!!!! AAAARghh!!!!!!