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Sunday, September 28, 2003

Top Secret Work

Mas Tony called me to his office today. I was wondering why, since I did good work on both Unilever campaigns we just finished. He gave me a big portfolio document.
"More work?", I asked. I did apply for a few days off before this weekend.
"Yeah, a lot of big work he said"
"Great, I'll start work on it!" I said.
"It's not that simple", he said. "I just talked to the board upstairs, and I need you to resign by the end of this month", he added.

I was shocked.

"Are you firing me? Did I do a bad job or something?", I asked whilst in my confusion.
"Its the opposite, you are doing so good that the board wants you to handle this next job. But you have to resign first to do it", he answered whilst giving me more questions mark than what the Riddler gives out to Batman.
"It's an internal job, but we need it from a 3rd person perspective. You can't do that if you are an employee of this company", mas Tony added. "In fact no one in the company other than some people may know about it"
"Yeah, still that means after the job is finished, I'd still be jobless wouldn't I?"
"It's an 8 figure job Chan, I think with that much reward you can afford to stay jobless for 5 years"
"So, where do I sign boss?"

Wow, I actually worked and left 3 fortune 500 companies in one year. Should I be on the Guiness books of records or something?