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Monday, December 08, 2008

So That Others May Study

Last Wednesday (December 3rd 2008) I signed an MOU with the Raflesia foundation and Bina Insani foundation to educate street children, giving them a college education to earn a degree.

MasTer (Masjid Terminal) is a group of people who give school education to the homeless & street children. Those who have a hunger to learn and have received their high school diploma from MasTer will be sent to study with us for free.

So That Others May Study

Trianandra provides free books, staff and docent. We got cheap rent from Raflesia foundation of 250.000 a month to use their facilites consisting of one class and an office at their school in Depok.

If you would like to support by donating to our programme, a child's tuition costs Rp.60.000 per month to study. Each child studies for 3 years. The tuition money will pay for the docent's transport (docents teach for free), rent, electricity, water, and sylabus.

Contact Dani at Trianandra at +6221 4754412 for more information on how you can help out or donate to our programme.

1 comment:

Richard Fang said...


mungkin bisa di coba dengan online juga, semacam web untuk bersama2 men-donate untuk anak terbebut, menggunakan sistem crowdfunding?
dengan begitu orang yg mau mendonate 10.000 pun juga bisa.. :)