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Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Parent's 39th Anniversary

A year shy of their 40th, my parents celebrated their 39th wedding anniversary last Sunday at our Villa in Puncak. Everyone was there, my brothers and sisters with their in-laws and mine, and not forgeting the grandkids, all 6 of them.

Happy Anniversary Mami & Papi
Horsey Ride
Rika and I bought them chocolate mocca cheese cake (wow) from help celebrate. After the photo sessions, so on and so forth, the whole family spent some time hiking to anearby village and a river not too far from the Villa. Vira, Rika, Natasha and Nina even took a horse ride.

The Villa has a big garden with a few swings and slides, so the kids aren't bored, plus I got them some soaps and loops for them to blow bubbles on.

But while almost all the family was outside, we had an unwanted visitor sneaking in the Villa. Somehow he sneaked in and stole my dad's Nokia Communicator phone. It kinda put a stop on our smiles for the day.

We didn't let it effect us too much, we had a good rest of the day before we left for home. That thief will have his day one day, a fate worse than just a missing phone.

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