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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Im's Back In Jakarta

Road to Airport is Flooded

Last Saturday, Im arrived on the 9 AM AirAsia flight from KL. Unfortunately, she arrived at a bad time. Jakarta just started to recover from a seasonal flood, and alas, I wasn't able to pick her up from the airport. She had to take the bus and was stuck in the alternative route traffic for almost 5 hours.

Gone in 60 Sec... 30 ActuallyShe was afraid of missing the bus, she forgot to buy something to eat. But luckily we had prepared a meal for her once she arrived at our house, and boy did she ate....

After a few hours of a well deserved rest (which Im spent most of it by playing with Vira), Im finally accomplished her mission: Eating Mie Ayam. Yup, we took her to Bakmi Naga in Keramat and she ordered a big bowl of the house's specialty.

After a busy day, we all went home. Im's friend is due to arrive the next day. Enjoy the photos on Flickr

Mmmmmuach! Finally, Lunch!
At Bakmi Naga Jl.Keramat Nasi Tim Ayam Jamur
Vira and auntie Im I Was There! Mission Accomplished

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