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Thursday, July 03, 2003

A call from a friend

Tony Siahaan has been a mentor for me. I met him back in 1998 when I was working at GDA, he was a freelance copywriter at that time. Yesterday he called me and asked about my leaving Ogilvy.
"Silvia told me you left Ogilvy for no reasons. why?", he asked.
"It wasn't working out. Its the way their AE works", I answered. Next I told him the whole story. Sorry, I can't tell you why. But it's a normal practice that's done in most advertising agencies.

"When the hell did you become saint? That's common man!", he said to me.
"Well, not all agencies do it. I think I would rather work somewhere I don't need to witness those things"
"What are you gonna do now?" mas Tony asked.
"I accepted a teaching position at Trisakti for this next semester"
"No no no! You come here to Lowe tomorrow morning. I want you on my team!", he told me."I need you for an IMC project!"

So, it seems I'll be going to Lowe tomorrow.