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Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Drunk?? You Betcha!

A friend of mine launched his new product last Saturday, and he invited me to the launching party. Since I had no one to go with since Amy left me for New York, I was planning on not to show up. But then he called a few days before that and made me come to his party... shit.

Since I didn't feel like going alone (Diane will be there, if I came alone, she'd probably try to introduce me to her "girl" friends, no thanks), I had to find a date quick.

I called my cousin Astrid, she was in Bali. I called Ratna, she's going on a date with a new guy on that day. I called Mira (what?? are you nuts?), luckly she wasn't home. I called Rina, she had to meet Robby's parents that weekend (they're getting married). I called Angel, her colleague said she's not in a good mood. I called Maya, and she said "I'd love to".

Great, well almost. They served champagne at the party see, and although I can hold my liquor, it seems my date couldn't, even just one glass. Took this picture for memory sake, hope to laugh over it when we're older and sober. Hahahahahaha