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Friday, July 17, 2009

Another Bomb Strike

After being bomb free for the last 2 years, it seems one snucked itself back into this city. Its target was the Ritz Carlton hotel in Mega Kuningan, just a few meters from the JW.Marriot, where a bomb went off just minutes before.
I am so happy that friends and family who worked nearby was neither hurt nor injured by the blast. A friend of mine who worked at the Ritz also was uninjured thank God.
I'm just appalled that in this day and age, some whacko terrorist think its OK to play with explosives, what the f*** was that asshole thinking. Its never OK for any reason what so ever to injure another living being. I hope they get the bastard terrorists who did this.
Another bomb was reported to have exploded at Muara Angke, that makes 3.
Of all day, why Friday?

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Br. David said...

Why Friday indeed, it is as if the groups that resort to this sort of animal behavior have no ability to truly tell holy from unholy, and I see signs of this in the targets they choose (like the innocent or places of worship) to the times they choose (like the holy days and months). May Allah turn them to the truth, or wipe them from this earth.