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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Birthday Dinner

Early Dinner @ TomodachiYou can't really call it a dinner, since we ate at 5PM. The restaurant was a bit far, so we had to compensate since we had to pick Vira up from her grandma's place. It was a birthday dinner for Rika.

Her Birthday was on last friday, but she couldn't have it on that day since she had to go to a company training in Bandung.

Steak ala TomodachiNow that she has a day off after the training, I took her out on her well deserved dinner.

We ate at her favorite restaurant, the Tomodachi. She likes the steak at Tomodachi since she first tried it in Bandung. Its tender, small yet tasty and fulfilling.

Shhhhh... Don't Tell RikaI got her that N6300 she always wanted, sadly we cut our dinner for two short since we had to pick up Vira. We don't want to pich her up too late in the night.

My beautiful wife is now 27. Love you!


Wati said...

dah lama ngga main kesini... kirain udah ngga rajin diupdate bilingual minds nya :D

Happy Belated Birthday Rika...

missyasmina said...

Heh, baru baca, jadi kalo kasih selamat berlakunya untuk taun ini kali ya? :D

Rika baru 27, Chan? Gue pikir kalian seumuran gue? Kalo gitu elo umur berapa? 25-26? :-O

Chandra Marsono™ said...

Iya, gue baru 25 (pengennya... brondong dong). I'm 31 years old this year, but don't tell anyone, people still think I'm 25, thehehehe...

Chandra Marsono™ said...

@Wati : Masih diupdate, cuman rada jarang aja, lebih enak nge-Flickr.