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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Korean Airlines' new Uniform

Korean Air's New Advertisement (2005)

Advertising an airline has not reached this level since the SouthWestern Airlines days in the 1970s. Sure, Singapore airlines and others may have advertised about their pretty stewardess, but not their sense in fashion. Since the airline industry is about service, then advertisements like this does make a fashion statement, You'll feel you are on a high class airline and makes that high cost of airline ticket feel a lot better. It's not your usual airline advertisement, but it is eye catching and superbly done, without a sense of being naughty, but more professional.

Their new way of corporate advertising is more interesting that what most airline advertise, as you can see is a step above their old advertising that is like everyone else's. Kimchi Anyone?

Korean Air's Old Advertisement (2003)