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Thursday, October 08, 2009

ToniJacks : As S#!tty As That Other One

ToniJacks : As S#!tty As That Other One

DR Bambang N Rahmadi, the then-owner of McDonald's biggest franchise in Indonesia was pissed by McDonald's decision to sell its majority franchise ownership of McDonalds Indonesia to the Rekso group (owner of Teh Botol Sosro).

One day after opening his 13th new McDonalds shop door, he converted all of his McDonalds restaurant into ToniJacks, a new fastfood restaurant under its name.

What do you expect, a conversion of an old McDonalds still taste like McDonalds. The burgers still has the same McDonalds bun and beef. Its a bit dry since it doesn't contain any pickles McD uses to keep their burgers a bit moist. The fried chicken (only available in Indonesia) still taste the same although Bambang N Rahmadi said he made changes. Well what did you expect, he was the one who made the recipe for McD's shitty fried chicken in the first place.

I'm not defending McDonalds here, coz I'm not a fan of the clown myself, but sadly the only menu I go to McDonalds for isn't there: The McNuggets. I mean if you dress your logo up as a pirate and still "pirate" most of the recipes, go for the ultimate: Chicken McNuggets.

The restaurant's moto says "Better than that one" which will eventually brand them as sore losers, because if you keep looking back and find your old business partners as adversaries, you just won't grow. Why put your adversaries in such a high pedestal? As a startup, Tonijacks should focus more on improving the quality of their food, service, cutomer's satisfaction and their brand.

My current quote for them: "As Shitty As That Other One", says that they are exactly like McDonalds, so I hope they create their own unique style soon before the fad is over. Hopefully, Tonyjacks will Improve. Maybe I went into the restaurant with too much high hopes. I'll give it another try in 6 months from now.


cipu said...

When i passed Thamrin Street yesterday, I saw this new place, I wondered what's the menu. But soon after I read this article, I feel I don't wanna enter this place. Heheheh.

thalia said...

ha, i've been looking for review on this new chain. penasara :) thanks for sharing, chan. would love to try it, but i guess, i should wait a few months, as well.

Chandra Marsono™ said...

Bambang Rahmadi termasuk veteran di bidang fastfood, ada kemungkinan besar akan tumbuh dan menjadi lebih baik. Namun juga, sebagai seorang veteran dia melakukan perubahan tanpa persiapan yang matang. Kurangnya public awareness sampai ke hal-hal yang simple seperti packaging terlewatkan, sepertinya terburu-buru.