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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mari Menggambar Dan Mewarnai

Did the illustration above using Adobe Illustrator CS.

Started colouring process on Adobe Photoshop:
  1. Basic skin tone
  2. Lip tone plus gloss
  3. Facial mapping, showing height, lighter colour means higher terrain
  4. Using the smudge tool from Photoshop, carefully smooth out the skin
  5. Finished smudging process, needs a lot of patience, did this in an hour
  6. Adding volume to the eyes, chin, and jaw. Added red corners of the eyes
  7. Make small white dots and pull them out with the smudge tool using the smallest brush. Takes time. If you have Alien skin plug-in, you can use the "Fur" option to go faster.
  8. Giving volume to hair, erase parts that are low adjusting to light

And Finito....
What do you think?

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