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Monday, February 16, 2004

The perfect day...

Watched "Love Actually" with Rika at Djakarta Theater today. A really good movie, all that I could ever expect from a British style sarcasm romantic comedy. Best of all, this was a perfect movie to bring Rika to. I wish you all could see me smile... :D

The theater has a brand new look, more class and more studios. A new favorite place to see movies at? Definitely!

After movies and Dinner, I took Rika on a little detour. I had to visit my cousin Ivan at Remedika hospital. He is sick of Dengue fever after returning from an assignment in Lampung. My cousin Ivan is the closest cousin to me. A rising star at Bakrie's holding company, the day he got sick, the whole office panicked, even Mr. Bakrie himself. Get well soon bro!

Rika and I had an early dinner (just before we visited Ivan). We stopped at Al-Azhar's Agung Mosque and prayed Maghrib, 5 minutes before it was Isya. Haven't been here in a while. I used to go to school here when I was in Junior high.

..I sat on the steps of the mosque and put my shoes on. Rika sat beside me and she gave me that smile. Never in million year would I ever think of telling a girl how much I cared for her on the steps of a mosque... I did.